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                    “Prevention is better than cure!” Periodic health screening and physical examination enable us to identify potential health problems, ensure possible prevention and treatment of serious illnesses such as heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and cancers at early stage. Your test results provide a snapshot of your current health & reveal opportunities to make healthy changes. Screening tests can also help detect problems early, which is often the key to successful treatment.

At Nutek Medical Centre, we have designed a set of comprehensive full body health checkup plans. The plans include all the necessary diagnostic tests for males and females, all conducted on the world's most advanced equipment by experienced doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Guidelines for health checkup:

  • Minimum of 10 to 12 hrs fasting is essential prior to the check-up, you may drink water.
  • Complete abstinence from alcohol at least 24 hours prior to check-up.
  • Please carry your regular medication when you come for check-up.
  • Wear loose clothing, no jewellery & easily removable footwear if possible.
  • Bring all your past medical records if any.
  • If you are wearing lenses please remove them two days prior to the Health Check-Up.
  • In case of non-availability of certain tests on that particular day the patients will be called at next convenient date.
  • You are requested to bring samples of urine and stool when you come for check up. Containers for the same can be collected from the department in advance.
  • The men are requested to shave their chest to ensure a good ECG/Tread Mill Test.
  • If you are diabetic, avoid taking your insulin injections/anti diabetic tablets on the morning of Health Check up. Please carry your insulin/anti-diabetic tablets which you can have before or after your breakfast in the hospital. Other regular medication can be taken as instructed by the doctor. Please carry regular medication along with your when you come for the checkup.
  • Please be informed that certain tests like x-rays are not to be done if you are likely to be pregnant.
  • For Females, during menstruation (menses) PAP SMEAR test cannot be done.