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Workshops in Schools



Whether your child is entering school for the first time or about to graduate, Nutek's School Check up plans is a good opportunity for parents to check up on their children's health and make sure they're protected against common childhood diseases and illnesses.

Your child spends more time at school than anywhere else except home. Schools can have a major effect on children's health. Schools can teach children about health, and promote healthy behaviors.  Taking this into consideration, Nutek Medical Centre has come up with different health check ups & Workshops in Schools. 

Our Programme / Packages includes:

Few of the topics for Health talks includes:

  • Health & Education
  • Health & Play
  • Fitness Sessions 
  • Alcohol & Drugs Awareness for kids
  • Healthy eating Workshops 
  • Coughs and Colds in Children 
  • Bedwetting: Causes and Solutions 
  • Constipation in Children & many more...

The Health check up packages can be tailor-made as per the requirement and budget of the organisation. For details please contact us.