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MRI Scan



The MRI at Nutek Medical Centre is the latest brand new 1.5 Tesla Siemens Magnetron Essenza with TIM Technology which ensures the highest quality imaging with minimal patient repositioning, thereby eliminating discomfort.

                  Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is used to acquire visual data of the human body including internal organs for diagnosis. The images are acquired without using radiation. MRI is non-invasive and does not require bodily penetration. The whole process does not have side effects and is painless. You will not be subjected to anything physical or visual during the procedure. You’ll only hear a weak sound when the images are being processed.

                 There are various benefits associated with magnetic resonance imaging and new MRI uses are constantly being researched. MRI is applicable for every part of the body. It is also utilized to detect diseases of the eyes, sinuses, throat, salivary glands, and thyroid system. MRI is also effective for the musculoskeletal system when evaluating the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle. It can even detect abnormalities in the bone marrow with accuracy. MR angiography is a non-invasive procedure known for its accuracy in displaying arterial data of the head, neck, and body.

                  Nutek Medical Center offers the shortest, most open, high field scanner which minimizes claustrophobia. Nutek Medical Center's MRI scanner produces the highest quality images, with rapid exam times, and utilizes the most advanced applications including 3D angiography.

How do I prepare for my MRI Scan exam?


  • For comfort, wear loose clothing without metal buttons or closures. Patients with pacemakers or other surgically implanted devices should consult with the imaging center prior to the exam.