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Ultrasonography (4D)



               Our X300 Acuson ultrasonography system provides the best compound imaging, speckle reduction, 4D images with the best frame-rate and harmonics.

           Ultra sonography is a procedure which applies high-frequency sound waves in order to display specific internal body parts.

4D Ultrasound:

Aside from the standard ultrasound services, Nutek Medical Center now offers 4D Ultrasound. Unlike regular ultrasound, 4D Ultrasound does not require a doctor's approval. Women may take advantage of this service to avail of an advanced technology when it comes to prenatal ultrasound. Images captured are more vibrant and detailed.

Ultrasound Process

Since the body is comprised of over 90% water, sound waves can be applied on it in the same manner that sonar is utilized in the ocean. Whenever sound passes through a tissue such as a blood vessel, an echo bounces back. Advanced computers can utilize the echoes to make an image of the internal organs. The exam results will then be used by a doctor when diagnosing illnesses.

An ultrasound test is completed fast with minimal uneasiness felt. X-rays and radiation are not needed as well.

What to Expect during Ultrasound

Patient is to lie down on a table and gel will be applied on the skin just above the area to be checked. The device called “transducer” will be maneuvered by the technologist gradually over the gelled skin which will then produce images on the screen. Pictures will be captured for reference. You will be advised to hold your breath at times or move through different bodily positions. What matters most is for you to stay still as much as you can. Some tests may leave you feeling uneasy on the bladder or even close to urination. There are even pelvic tests which will use a special transducer into the vaginal area.

Usage of Ultrasound Tests

Ultrasound is applied for various purposes including fetal examinations, gynecology related tests for tumor or cysts, gallbladder and related organ evaluations, and vascular disease diagnostics.

At Nutek Medical Centre, data is available through color Doppler images and is accompanied by precise blood flow measurements called color-flow Doppler.


How do I prepare for my Ultrasound exam?


DO NOT eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your exam.


Drink about 32ozs of water or juice one hour before your exam. DO NOT urinate before the exam because a full bladder is required.